Carla Rippey Artist Walk

Last Sunday there was an event at the Carrillo Gil Art Museum (Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil MACR), in Mexico City, of the retrospective of the Artist Carla Rippey. She and the Curator, were the responsible of the walk and the explanation of the work.

It is incredible to have the opportunity to walk throughout the show with the two main responsible of such an amazing work. They shared some discussions of the work that was to be on and the disagreements on some of them. They shared the process they had to do in order to get some of the work that is in private collections. And must important, the Artist, Carla Rippey, share some of her workflow and her creative process. It is incredible to have the opportunity to ask the artist questions about their work. I really loved that experience, I hope that this is a more used formula by the museums to get more people there and to get to know the artists.

Several questions roamed in my brain, none of them were the correct moment to do them, I might have the opportunity to ask them. Yo never know, we could meet again.


Congratulations to the artist, to the curator and to the museum.

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