Anish Kapoor Mexico City Expo

Last Sunday I went to see the Anish Kapoor exposition at the Comtrmporary Art Museum (MUAC) in the National University (UNAM) in Mexico City.It really was an incredible experience, he is an amazing creator. It is amazing to see the reactions of the people around his art. I love to see me deconstruct my self in that semi circle reflection. But the best thing of that family Sunday was that I could experience all this with my father, he that always been critical of contemporary art. Thank you father for having the patience of seeing and hearing me.

In the exposition I made this picture, which is part of an ongoing series I have little more than two years on the making and this will be the first to publish. I think I am not ready to share the insights of the series yet, but hope you enjoy the trip. Yes I know a silent one.

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