Alicia Sanchez Montenegro. Artist.

I think that I have not talked about this in previous posts, so better late than sorry.

I have an incredible talented wife. She is an Artist. Painting and Illustration are her main works. She had expositions in Mexico and abroad (N.Y. and Miami). I am one of her best fans, and one of her most fearful critic. Sometime I get to exaggerate but I think that she really is so talented that I have to push her to the maximum (Sometimes I do not understand why she is still married to me, I am intense, sometimes).

She is not a tech savvy person and does not like it, but in my intensity I have been pressing to at least have an webpage. Luckily some people has asked her for the web page address, so we have devoted ourself to produce it. I still is under construction but wanted to publish what we have.

With no further ado, I present to you, this incredible artist. Go by and see her work and leave her some words so she understands the power of social media.

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