The City Wall of the Day

It has been a while, since March, that I have posted something here. I was reading two post ago and I said that I had no things for the street, well this is still the reality. Two things have happened, the first a lot off work, demanding work, throughout the week for the last two months, that have squeezed my brain the the most. I get home exhausted and do not have the strength to go out early to the street. The second is that the days that we have managed to go out to just sightsee the city, no good images have I make.

Leaving the street alone is demanding when you want to come back. You lost the feeling and to find it takes time. I hope next month, when things cool down a bit at work, I will hit the streets and find the Flow and the feeling. 

In the meantime I was browsing old images and four this one, part of the City Walls series. Hope you enjoy.

By the way, this image was shot on 2014, as of now, there are no more publicity in that wall, they just tear them down and pained the wall.

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