One minute poem deconstructed in six parts

One as a Photographer and mainly Street Photographer, a Documentarist or a Photojournalist has to be in contact with its surroundings, the vibes on the street, let them flow through our own selfs.

We are gazing, hunting, waiting for the prey to lower its guard,and boom we shot, we press the shutter button and capture that image that we think is powerful enough to tell the story we are seeing, to tell the story right.

Needless to say, this images are mostly evolving at eye level, or from the waist up. We do not, or at least I do not, usually look at the street, the floor, the ways we walk, the concrete we step the foot in and advance.But accidents happen. Happy accidents. The ones that could, if you let yourself go and disconnect from the harsh reality that media is trying to create for society.

Disconnecting from that reality and trying to regain our selflessness and humanity we could, from time to time, look that there are people around us, and that interacting with them could help us move and evolve, grow into a better society.

This is an anonymous poem that I found, by sheer luck in the streets of Quito, in the half of the world.

Hey tú, si tú mismo. Espero que vayas con bien a donde quiera que vayas.
Si sigues leyendo esto, ¿Te has dado cuenta que hay muchas personas por aquí?
Si, yo también me di cuenta de eso… por esto te escribí a ti mientras lees esto.
Aveces, no te cansa ver tanta indiferencia
A tantos agobiados por el trabajo… Otros preocupados por deberes y estudios
Otros dependientes del mundo material
Algunos que no cambiarían su infelicidad ni la de nadie!
A muchos luchadores y vencidos
En fin. Tantos recorren este suelo pero nadie se detiene.
Y tu observas al mundo y sus detalles
Aquellos que muchos ignoran
Es bueno saber que hay personas como tú
Que toma menos de un minuto
Para salir de lo cotidiano.

Hey you, yes you. I hope you go by well wherever you might be going.
If you are still reading this; have you manage to see that there are people around here?
Yes, I also managed to see that… That is why I wrote this, to you that are reading.
Sometimes, don’t you get tired with so much indifference?
So many worried about their jobs… Other concerned by duties and studies
Other fully dependent on the material world
Some that would not change their unhappiness nor of anyone else
So much fighters and defeated
Well. So many that walk through this floors and nobody stops
And you watch the world and its details
Those that so many ignore
It is good to know that there are people like you
That grabs less that one minute
To leave cotidianity

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