Yet, another shot from this year’s WWPW. Not a so street savvy image, but this guy was amazing walking down the street and had to shot this portrait. So Street Portrait here I go. Gracias Domingo.

I know what’s the buzz around, really World Wide Photo Walk, really? Well the thing is yes, I do enjoy it, and I do participate on it, have been doing it since 2011. I have has a blast almost all the years. I have met several really interesting photographers and made good friends. One of Read more ..

As I have told, where ever I go on Vacation, I lake to wake up one day, early in the morning to see the place I am in from with in, deeply in it. At that hour you, mostly, see locals and it is amazing to see the locals do what locals do, with no Read more ..

When I enrolled in Photo School (Escuela Activa de Fotografía) here in Mexico City, I has read several book on the matter and also I just finished the Distance Learning NYIP course, so I had an idea, a very good idea on Photography, obviously I did not called my self a Photographer, I was a Read more ..

I have found out that I have this trip gave me the foundations for a new series I am working on, a series that I have realised that it would take over a year to complete. I have no posted any of the shots still, and I thin I will not post them until it Read more ..