Keeping up with the Oaxaca series, in the street markets you see all kind of things and this is not an endemic thing of Oaxaca street markets, we see it in every market in Mexico, like: fruits, vegetables, drinks, even clothing, but it seams that they have no marketing regarding to clothing. Here a clear example of Read more ..

My wife and me love to go, every time we can, with kids or without, to Bookstores that sell old books. We love books, old or new, their smell, their feel, their importance in the culture and as part of our kids art teaching. Today, after a good breakfast in The Roma, with the grandfather, Read more ..

On my last trip to Oaxaca I managed, yes I managed, I was tired, to woke up 7:00 A.M. and walk the streets to feel the streets and know the try soul of this beautiful City. This is a thing that I try to do when traveling, woke up early and walk the streets. Alone. Read more ..

Two weeks ago, as the kids are still in vacation and we have come and gone through the city, some plans were previously made, other walkabouts were not planned, we had some time to introduce the kids to some nineteenth century old alternative processes. As I am and old school photographer, I was taught with film Read more ..

This vacations I have had with the family have left me a lot of things, but mostly I forgot how demanding is to have a blog and how hard is to sit down and post new photos and comments. This time, the personal demand have increased, and I do not where to start posting all Read more ..