Two weeks ago, as the kids are still in vacation and we have come and gone through the city, some plans were previously made, other walkabouts were not planned, we had some time to introduce the kids to some nineteenth century old alternative processes. As I am and old school photographer, I was taught with film Read more ..

This vacations I have had with the family have left me a lot of things, but mostly I forgot how demanding is to have a blog and how hard is to sit down and post new photos and comments. This time, the personal demand have increased, and I do not where to start posting all Read more ..

Everyday in every social network we have and form part of we see and read discussions about #Digital vs #Film, and benefits vs  detriment of both, in fact I have posted my love of film, but also I use more digital than film. The thing that we, at least I, do not hear so much Read more ..

As things go by downtown Mexico City, you can find everything there, even some water distributors in a very classic machine.  

Manifestations in Mexico City are a good place to go and mingle and shoot some good images, you could see almost all conditions of the human self. But must likely is that you will encounter some policemen trying to do their job. The down side of this is that beautiful landmarks like Belle Arts Palace Read more ..